Torrefied biomass as a fuel for zero emission power generation
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报告人:Jaroslaw Zuwala教授

题目Torrefied biomass as a fuel for zero emission power generation

时间:  201957日(周二),13:30~14:30

地点:  图文信息中心第4会议室


Jaroslaw Zuwala教授简介

The Vice Director of The institute for Research and Development since 01.09.2013. Graduate (MSc – 1999 and PhD – 2004) of Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering of Silesian University of Technology (engines construction and exploitation). In 2013 graduated with habilitation (environmental engineering, specialty: clean coal technologies) by Central Mining Institute in Katowice. Participant of several international internship at universities (DTU, Denmark, 2001), research centres (TNO, Netherland, 2005) and industrial centres (Ahlstrom Pumps Co., Finland,1995; Energi E2, Denmark, 1997). Chairman of the Coordination Group of National Network of Accredited Laboratories “LABIOMEN”, Member of Energy Commission of Polish Academy of Science and the representative of Poland in European Industrial Initiative in the field of CCS. Awarded in 2010 with the order of the Minister of Economy for “Service to Energetics”. The employee of the Institute since 2004 (Vice Director of the Center to 2009 and Vice Director of Centre for Technological Research to 2013).